The field of leadership development is replete with people and organizations that purport to benefit you by telling you how to run your business and the dire consequences if you don’t follow their advice. You will not find that here. My focus is you and your organization. I ask questions, I listen, I theorize, I advise, I coach, I share, I teach, and I collaborate.

Who are you and who are you becoming? How well are you coping with the stress of being who you are and where you are? When we work together we will find those few small parts of you that are getting in your way, that are keeping you and your team from moving forward, and we will explore alternatives to find what will work for you. Who you are and who you will become determine your success.

What do you need to achieve what you need to achieve?

An Example

I should perhaps offer you a small example of some work I did recently with a fellow coach. He was having trouble identifying the people he could best help as an executive coach. He and I spent an hour on two separate occasions discussing the issue without much change. At the end of the second session I did a short change process with him to see how he might respond to it. When I saw him for the third time a month later he reported that he no longer had an issue. He was finding the people he wanted to work with and could best help. He had no idea how the change came about but was simply happy that it was no longer an issue. Creating new skills takes time; changing perceptions happens quickly.