We Just Can’t Handle Diversity

We Just Can’t Handle Diversity

HBR, July-August 2016, p70

By Lisa Burrell

This is a well written summary piece, by one of the HBR editors, covering research on diversity in business. There is nothing conclusive or earth shattering here, just an overview of diversity issues in organizations and each part is selected to bring us to awareness of the issues involved. I would be surprised if it did not contain its own biases but I have not the expertise in diversity to detect them. Herewith are some of my favorite passages in the article.

“The abundant social science findings suggest . . . that good fortune accounts for a great deal of success, and that we’re hell-bent on believing otherwise.”

“Hindsight bias causes us to believe that random events are predictable and to manufacture explanations for the inevitability of our achievements.”

“The idea is to deliberately structure how you present information and options: You don’t take away individuals’ right to decide or tell them what they should do. You just make it easier for them to reach more-rational decisions.”