Designing a Bias-Free Organization

Designing a Bias-Free Organization: It’s easier to change you processes than your people.

HBR July-August 2016, p62

An interview with Iris Bohnet by Gardiner Morse

I like interviews because we get to see a more authentic view of the person and their thinking. This is an interesting interview and the theme is generally about developing and growing people. It does not go so far as to deal with Deliberately Developmental Organizations and is not aware of the stage of adult development that managers are assumed to be at but Bohnet has some interesting ideas. One significant idea is that through structured interview design we can neutralize a lot of bias in hiring. Another idea is that HR departments should be measuring what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Bohnet:

“What we generally find is for beliefs to change, people’s experiences have to change first.”

“Fathers of daughters are some of the strongest proponents of gender equality.”